Thanks to technology, now we don’t have to carry maps and notebooks
around while travelling around Malaysia. These mix of local and
international apps makes travel a less intimating and cater perfectly
to our wanderlust spirit. Here are our top must-haves to discovering
some of Malaysia's most scenic islands and cultural cities.


This app overtook Uber as the next most popular taxi app in Malaysia
when it first became very popular among the locals. What may seem a
better deal especially dealing with traffic in major cities in
Malaysia, Grab fixes its prices depending on the type of services you
ask for (you may choose what type of car for pick up).


This hyper-focused map app bought over by Google provides real time
traffic info including hazards such as accidents, itmes in the road,
and law enforcement activity. While driving on the motorway, it is
remarkedly useful to have the speed limit right on the screen. It
never fails to sound the alert when you go over the limit and its
easy-to-use and non-cluttered interface made it one of the most
popular map app in Malaysia.

Google Translate

Travelling in a foreign land can be a daunting experience but also
part of the holiday excitement. Replacing handy translation of a
dictionary, you can now depend on Google Translate to speak at least
103 languages by typing and its offline feature requires no internet
connection to translate 52 languages. If this app does not make your
easier, we don't know what else can.


Do you crave for home cook food while you are visiting a foreign land
and know no one? PlateCulture provides a notch up to cross-culture
engagement with PlateCulture, a food app that allows tourists to enjoy
real home-made food, spend time with people of the country they are
visiting. This is even more interesting when an intermixed married
couple is hosting.


EasyBook may just be the one of the most comprehensive travel apps
Malaysia has to offer. It is not only offering trips within the
country but also for those traveling in and out of Singapore and
Thailand. The roads and motorways in Malaysia are well-maintained
making it extremely easy to travel up and down the country.


Currenseek is minimalising your physical efforts visiting money
changers in your local area. Helpful for travelers, it ensures fast,
convenient and fair exchanges, it lists covers over 200 money
exchangers in Malaysia. It is also offering privileges to users who
complete transaction via the app: Tune Protect – free travel
insurance, Grab – discounted taxi rides, Flexiroam – free data
roaming, and more.


Offering over 2,500 tours in 150 countries and covering more than
5,000 destinations, TripViss is a truly comprehensive app with one of
the largest selections we’ve seen. Categorised tours, available in
more than 15 themes, offer guided group tours in your native language
to free and easy or private tours. You will definitely be spoilt for

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