5 Favourite Wine Bars in Penang

Narrowing down a selection of wine bars in Penang has proved to be more challenging that one might think. We discovered some of the most secluded wine bar and restaurants to the busiest place for shoppers in downtown George Town. While these places may not be your cup of tea, we appreciate feedback and other recommendation if you should have discovered better drinking holes than below. However, for now, just enjoy!

The Wine Shop

The Wine Shop has two outlets in Penang which boasts a myriad selection of almost everything you crave for in a wine store. With one located at Bayan Lepas' Persiaran Mahsuri 2, no doubt the one located right in the heart of George Town's Pulau Tikus sees more crowd. The concept is rather a simple one: the shop is divided into two main areas separating the retail and wine bar and restaurant into two main distinguishable areas. Reasonably priced wine from a wide selection of bottles from just about every grape producing country, The Wine Shop is the place to wine and dine. Pair your wines with selection of Spanish Manchego, Parmesan cheese, or Serrano ham and just sit back and savour your favourites. Chilean wine by Luis Felipe Edwards and Australian's by Peter Lehman, One Tree Plain and famous ly known for its organic and preservative-free by Temple Bruer are some of the more popular wines among its local and visiting customers.

Georgetown Wines

Famous for its Catalan toastie, a toasted sandwich dressed with Machego cheese, Serrano ham and truffle place, Georgetown Wines also have a wide selection of wines for all kinds of occassion. Beautifully renovated from what use to be a barn, the decor speaks of late Chinese Straits traditions with a tad of class. While its selection of wines are more known than its food selection, take a detour from your dinner plans for a glass of red or white before adjourning to your next food destination in the heart of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

The Barn @ Gurney Plaza

Located at Gurney Plaza facing the seaside, The Barn is just the place for you to watch the late afternoon crowd of shoppers and diners. Apart from its wide selection of wine, it also offers a cosy environment for diners. Try its small plates and tapas selection to go with your favourite choice of wine. Not forgetting that its signature dishes include the Pigs in Blankets, Meatballs in homemade tomato concasse, and its latest addition, the pakoras which are authentic Indian deep fried minced port & vegetables served with mint sauce.

Hutton Mansion Wine Haus

One of the best kept secret places in Penang is 3 year old Hutton Mansion Wine Haus. Housed in a heritage building on Hutton Lane, this joint is famous among the locals and its Terrazas from Argentina and Malbec from France are some of the most popular among its customers. Check out its food menu as its signature dish Vongole Blanco – fresh clams cooked in white wine and served with garlic and chili – are proven a choice among the locals.

That Little Wine Bar

Secluded from the main hustle and bustle of George Town is french-focused wine bar and restaurant That Little Wine Bar. Housed in an old government servant's residence on Jalan Chow Thye, its Crustade de Pommes is the apple tart seems to be what everyone is talking about right now. While its red Italian Monte Tulciano and white Chateau la Nerthe are some of the local favourites, its kitchen produces some of the best crusted beef tenderloin together with its pork leg stick in town.  

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