Visa Run in Penang

If you have fallen in love with either Thailand or Malaysia and planned to stay just a little longer, here are a few tricks we've got you covered. While, in general, if you planned to stay that much longer consider applying for long-term stay to avoid hassle-free border control but if you have yet to settle on staying longer, then we hope the information below is useful for you. Don't forget to like or comment on our timeline.

Why choose Penang?

A step away from one of the UNESCO Heritage site in Southeast Asia, Penang offers some great colonial architecture during the British colony as well great food. The local Penangites are proud of its rich food history and its burgeoning art scene. Little cafes downtown are just a heartbeat away from the best coffee offerings and chillax moments you should not miss.

Malaysia offers a friendly FREE 90-day visa exempt stamp to many international guests and is fairly relax if you want to make that last-minute visa run trip. Strategically located near the Thailand border, Penang should be the first stop if you are heading southwards towards Singapore or even if it's only a weekend trip. Many hotels, located especially in downtown Georgetown, offers such services which include package deals to take you to and back as well as meals with a schedule allowing you to roam for a day or two. These services run on a daily basis and can be found if you just enquiry at your hotel front desk.

Visiting the Thai Consulate

While multiple entry visas are eligible only to Malaysian, the Thai consulate in Penang is where most single entry tourist visas are also granted. Be sure to arrive early as Visa Runs are still popular amongst many backpackers and tourist travelling between Thailand and Malaysia and the application process normally take no more than 24 hours.

To apply for a Thai visa in Penang, bring the following to the Royal Thai Consulate-General in George Town:

  • Actual passport

  • Completed application form (provided onsite at office)

  • One photocopy of main passport photo page

  • Two passport photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)

  • NEW Requirement: Tourist Visa applicants must show a printed copy of a flight (confirmation ticket) exiting Thailand

  • Non Immigrant Visa applicants have additional requirements

  • Visa fee (cash only in Malaysian Ringgit)

Single Entry Tourist Visa for a duration of up to 60 days are about RM150 and Single Entry Non-Immigrant Visa for 90 days is around RM300.

In preparation to fill in the application form provided by the consulate, you may need to have the following information ready.

  • The address of where you are staying in Thailand (i.e., your first hotel or friend's place)

  • The address of where you are staying in Malaysia

  • Transportation vessel type and number to Thailand (i.e., AirAsia flight number AD939)

Getting to Penang

Budget airlines including FireflyAir AsiaMalindo Air and Cathay Pacific offers fairly affordable flights in and out of Penang on a daily basis directly to cities within the region such as Ho Chih Minch City, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and many other destinations in the region. Nationwide buses around Malaysia and also ETS, the fast train from Kuala Lumpur are other travel options to consider. Trains from Bangkok or Hadyai offer a more scenic entry in Penang – stopping in Butterworth (Malaysia mainland) before adjourning via ferry to the island.

Help us be better at providing you relevant information about our beautiful island. We would love your feedback and wish you a pleasant trip to Penang!

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