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Vgrab Coupons Application Malaysia


Vgrab aims to be the leading mobile advertisement platform globally serving the global marketplace as a one-stop platform for shopping, socialising and information sharing.


  • Provide a world-wide audience for the video clips we produce and share as well as access for local businesses to the world wide web of e-commerce.
  • Help small businesses sell things overseas through the internet

Solve the challenges of small businesses in procurement, sales and marketing, management and financing through information and data technology.

What's Vgrab Eco Coupon Application ?

Vgrab is a free platform and no any more joining fee to download our mobile Coupon application for users to grab and redeem any Coupons from our merchants. We are a fast, innovative and easy-to-use Coupon application that brings the latest deals right to the your smartphone, no any hidden fee for Vgrab users to grab and redeem any Coupons through our website ( or mobile application. We Provided the smooth and user friendly interface to Vgrab users and we are supported to environmentally-conscious.

Say no with printing Coupon, value of traditional paper printing are vary low Coupon users just using one time, after that the Coupon will no more chance to see sunrise tomorrow. Safe earth go green? let's we start from a small Coupon today.

Target Market

We focus on promoting the F&B outlets, Entertainment Venues, and Travel Hotspots in Malaysia and will soon branch out to include other countries. Our interactive programmes and engagements will include cross-promotion with all age group. With social media platforms in both Chinese and English version, it is targeting the Chinese speaking market and worldwide engagement.

Our Services

Our services range from organising online promotional campaign, social media engagement, producing video clips for businesses in Malaysia aiming at promoting the tourism industry. We will also be acting as a directorial site providing the latest info on the best restaurants and hotel deals in town.

How Vgrab Coupon App Work with Environmentally-conscious ?

Eco Coupons now available in Vgrab Coupon application. The mobile app can be used for environmentally-friendly cleaning products without traditional printing Coupon. Therefore, no more obligations or hidden costs for users to grab any Coupon on Vgrab mobile app, users can grab any you like Coupon and redeem it at the specific merchant indicated. Sign up through downloading our app without any downloading or installation fee just enjoy exclusive Coupons in the palm of your hand today.

Step To Grab Eco Coupon

+Step 1: Register A Vgrab Account
+Step 2: Download & Install Our App
+Step 3: Login Account & Explore Grab Voucher
+Step 4: Redeem To Specific Merchant
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