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Vgrab Launches Marketing Campaign Aiming At The Chinese Market

Vgrab Coupons Application Malaysia

Vgrab's recent campaign, which has been running since June titled 933饿 aims to promote Tourism, Food and Leisure in Malaysia, has recently saw over 56,000 impressions and just about 17,000 views on its social media platform, Facebook and its number continues to grow daily.

933饿 is in the process of casting celebrity hosts for its videos promoting Malaysian delicacies and has plans to expand its video series to other major cities including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Malacca and even Johor Bahru. Its recent announcement of the selected five (5) will be going through training in preparation for its upcoming video shoot with for eight (8) episodes introducing local restaurants within Penang Island and Butterworth. Shooting will commence early July.

Leveraging on the recent outburst of online marketing via social media platforms, Vgrab is also preparing its production of video series aiming at producing eight (8) episodes introducing Food, Travel and Leisure within Malaysia in the English version.

Over the last month, it has made the decision to focus on promoting and It is continuing its effort to attract Malaysia's business to launch and promote their product using video advertisement via social media platforms.

Vgrab Organises Singles Steel Tip Dart Competition

Vgrab Coupons Application Malaysia

On June 2, Vgrab hosted its 2nd edition of the Singles Steel Tip Dart Competition at PSCC Entertainment Pub & Bistro located right in the downtown area of George Town, Penang, Malaysia. The evening saw over RM680 worth of prizes to be won with main sponsors from beer brand San Miguel and downtown George Town venue PSCC.

Vgrab hopes to hit a local tourism bull's-eye in June when it plays host to one of the only competitive dart competitions in Penang, which saw over 22 participants join in the fun. Six prizes were given out on the evening with first prize winner winning RM250 cash, a RM100 cash voucher, three buckets of San Miguel beer and a certificate. This event sets a mini precedent of many more dart competitions to come and proof of local interests towards dart competitions and events.

Vgrab Launches Vmore Video and Expands Merchants List To Include Malaysia Focusing on Travel, Food and Health

Vgrab Communications Inc. announced today that it is expanding its business activities. Alongside its existing web-based marketing channel that continues to provide discount vouchers, it is also in the process of hiring business executives and online digital marketers to grow its list of merchants on the ground focusing on nationwide tourism, food and health related products and activities.

With offices in Canada and Malaysia, Vgrab is also working to enhance its already innovative Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application for business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products and services. Consumers in Asia-Pacific continue to be more mobile-centric than ever, social media and free streaming platforms continue to make a huge impact with ever growing marketers spending more time on paid social campaigns via digital ads than any other mediums in the advertising world.

Vgrab's recent investment of the above plus the expansion of a video production house in Malaysia focuses on the growing trend in the proportion of spending being allocated towards social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few. The OTC listed company is catching the Digital-Wave and as part of its marketing strategy and has recently launched its newest video platform – VmoreVideo – that will be providing merchants and advertisers state-of-the-art video production services to promote their businesses through short and engaging video clips. The platform is a user-friendly platform that will soon be available to the next generation of vbloggers and YouTubers.

"The growing numbers of smartphone users worldwide have sparked a whole new advertising trend – from conversative advertising through physical advertising to a fast and efficient product promotion reaching worldwide in just seconds. Merchandisers are able to promote their products practically to anyone who owns a smartphone. This also ties in with the recent launch of the world's first Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) by Jack Ma, founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group and Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia," said Joe Lim, Director at Vgrab.

"We at Vgrab see the potential to expand and are catching up with the advertising trend. We are helping local products launch on this super efficient and highly progressive platform so that they can get the worldwide recognition they deserve," he added.

According to a recent survey by Hakuhodo [Mar, 2017], it estimated that more than 90% of social media users in Asia-Pacific will log onto these sites via their mobile device in 2017 alone; this means that approximately 1.5 billion smartphone users are engaging through apps and social platforms via their mobile device. According to January 2017 data compiled by Nanigans, mobile's share of Facebook ad spending in Q4 2016 in Asia-Pacific was 88%, at least 10% points higher than any other geographic region worldwide.

Vgrab's Mobile App (available only for Android) has now reached 5,000 downloads and continues to evolve as a platform for audience to promote their products and services while end-users benefit from the deals and rewards from signing up as subscribers.

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