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Vgrab Communications Inc.

Vgrab Communications Inc., public listed on the OTC market, is a public listed company an active web-based platform that aims at innovating fresh and new marketing channels to link merchants and their costumer. Vgrab Malaysia is a FREE marketing communication platform for users to grab the best deals as well as free gifts from merchants promoting on the site. On the same site, consumers may also be updated on a regular basis interesting news and information of related servces and products. By providing merchants with an effective multi-platform in advertising solutions, it aims to be a channel that serves merchants from categories including Leisure & Entertainment and Travel.

Launching Soon!

The Merchant and User App is under construction and will soon be released on iOS and Android. Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application is a user-friendly mobile application for entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products and services using a straight forward and simple method. This platform enables users to dynamically create and publish their products and services voucher all in one single merchant application.

Saving Made It Simple

Save your money without missing out on the latest deals. Vgrab eco Coupon application will help you save money and spend less. No more traditional printing Coupon.

User Friendly

Stay connected with the world with this new app. You can search for Coupon anywhere near you, meaning you can earn a little something even on your lunch break.

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